About Us

Our staff here at National Business Connection have created a selection of lifestyle-based magazines to target certain consumer demographics in an effort to achieve more effective results with client advertising dollars.

Our publications focus on dining, health, home ownership, parenting, sports and entertainment, and living in a pro-environment way. By placing ads in free, locally distributed magazines such as The Best Of, Health and Longevity and Tri-Star Entertainment Previews, clients can likely reach a local population with matching product interests.

InVision, our billboard service, posts full-color banners in prime marketing locations with high local traffic, such as pharmacies and supermarkets, while Pizza Bounce Back describes a brochure campaign through which businesses can promote products via local pizza parlors.

Our clients can benefit from additional business listing service, which enumerates companies by ZIP code on a searchable website, mytownsbest.com. By delivering advertising to a demographically and geographically specific market, we provide a way for small businesses to utilize their advertising dollars efficiently by focusing on consumers who live in the local community and may be interested in the company’s offerings.

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