What is www.localsupersavings.com?

A: Each day LocalSuperSavings features unbeatable deals on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy right in your neighborhood. Everyone’s a winner with LocalSuperSavings. Our subscribers receive incredible targeted deals and exclusive offers not available anywhere else and our business partners gain new customers and local word of mouth advertising.

Q: Is there a required minimum number of activated coupons to make the offer valid?

A: No! You want it, you got it. There is no minimum number of people required to opt in. You don’t have to miss out on great deals because you’re a savvy shopper and others are not.

Q: If I like the deal how do I get it?

A: Just click on the “GET IT NOW” button to SAVE the coupon before the offer ends (see offer details for ending times). The discount coupon is saved in “My Coupon” section of your account and is ready to be redeemed at Merchant.

Q: Do I purchase / pay for the discount coupon on LocalSuperSavings?

A: No, Just PRINT out the discount coupon and hand it to the Merchant at the time of redemption, along with payment for the discount coupon price.

Q: How long is the coupon good for?

A: There is an expiration date on the coupon that will vary with each deal offer. You must use the coupon on or before the expiration date.

Q: What if I lose my coupon voucher?

A: You can reprint another certificate, but if someone else finds the coupon and uses it you will not be able to use it again. To reprint the coupon just sign in and click on “My Stuff” locate the deal select it and print. Q: Can I combine my Deal with other offers or specials ? A: No… not unless the coupon states otherwise.

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